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Pourtour Chapeau en CuirOur workshop offers cutting, splitting, dyeing, lamination, assembly, and stitching services for components in various industries such as leather goods, footwear, and millinery. Since 1972, located in the southern region of France in Mazamet,
the DECOUPAGE TARNAIS workshop has maintained an excellent artisanal expertise,
proudly bearing the EPV label.





DECOUPAGE TARNAIS also provides its expertise for custom work in the manufacturing of finished products for fashion, leather goods, jewelry, saddlery, pet supplies, and interior decoration. This includes belts, bags, pouches, harnesses, bridles, collars, and leashes for dogs and cats. Explore our online brochure >>

✔️ Our workshop designs all creations starting from a minimum order of 30 pieces. We craft keychains, desk pads, mouse mats, pocket organizers, document holders, pouches, cases, scarf rings, napkin rings, earphone holders, bracelets, piping, trims, hat edging, shoelaces, and small components for footwear and millinery in our workshop. ‍ View the presentation brochure | Custom Accessories >>

‍✔️ Businesses: You can gift them to an employee, a prospect, or a client. Choose to promote and communicate your company through high-quality genuine leather goodies. Communicate internally to unite your employees, or communicate externally in a less intrusive manner for your customer retention efforts. ‍ ✔️ Do you have an idea for your association?

✔️ Our promotional leather goodies can be customized with your logo or the print of your choice. We offer a wide range of promotional items and can shape your creation >> New catalog

✔️ Definition of the perfect promotional item: representing your company’s image ✔️ Creation of your prototype ✔️ Project validation ✔️ Production and crafting of your goodies Minimum order quantity: 30 pieces.

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